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When you need to be sure!!

EZseal is a tool for sharing files securely for intended receipent only. It allows encryption and traceability to protect your sensitive document from falling in wrong hands.

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For safe and Secure encryption of documents for intended recipient. Proof of existance.


For Everyday awesome deals. A unique product to craft traceable vouchers and coupons.


Decentralized ID tech which ensures Self Sovereign Identity for those who cares about Privacy.

Blockchain Consulting

Enabling our products and itegration for your business needs where ensuring trust is important.

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Tan Sian Lip

IT Career spanning 33 year and three continents, ranging over areas like eGov solutioning & consulting to R&D in AI and blockchain, from core banking systems to regulatory guidelines for security in mobile banking & payments.

Tan Sian Lip

CEO & Founder

Sunil Prakash

Over 12 years as an IT architect and IT Trouble-shooter in Banking, Finances, and Healthcare. Tech mentor and good design enthusiast. Passionate AI Influencer and and love to Code.

Sunil Prakash

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder

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